My name is Mark Bertrand. I live in Saratoga Springs, New York and make my living as Sports’ Nutritionist and Strength & Conditioning Coach to elite and professional athletes. I have several Jockey clients, one being a close friend named Shane Sellers (our work together was featured in the HBO film ‘Jockey’). Shane, like many great riders that we have enjoyed here at Saratoga are Cajun riders. Shane Sellers and Randy Romero are just two from the same town in Louisiana.

Shane’s Mom and I stay in contact and I was able to contact her to find her safe after the storm. I approached her with an idea, a plan to bring Christmas to many in her area asking her to team with me/us and be the person on the ground there, to which she in great excitement agreed to do. I have been contacted by Mom Macie Sellers saying: “I have contacted our Senator, Police Juror, and President of Cattlemen Association who is a big leader in our parish. They are all excited to join us in our mission.”

Aaron Gryder 
Glenda “Mom Macie”
and Shane Sellers

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