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Christmas comes to Louisiana
MARGARITA RAYCHEVA, The Saratogian 12/30/2005
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Press Release: New York State Community Action Association and Operation: A Cajun Christmas Join Together to provide Relief to Victims of Hurricane Katrina this Holiday Season.
Convoy of Compassion to leave from Warehouse on Friday December 9, 2005

Lake Avenue kids donating toys
Elementary school students are collecting gifts for Louisiana children affected by hurricanes
KENNETH C. CROWE II, Times Union 12/8/05 read article >>

'Caravan of compassion' The Lake Avenue Elementary School community chipped in to help out people affected by hurricanes Rita and Katrina.
KEVIN GOODWIN, The Saratogian 12/3/05 read article >>

Locals look to help provide Cajun Christmas for storm victims
KEVIN GOODWIN, The Saratogian 10/29/2005 read article >>

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A Special letter from Mom Macie Sellers

To all our friends of Operation Cajun Christmas,

Residents, of coastal Louisiana want to take this time to thank all involved with Operation Cajun Christmas for all you are doing to bring Christmas to us.

Coastal Louisiana has experienced an ordeal in our lives as never before . Hurricane Rita was a little sister to Katrina but left the entire coast from Vermilion Parish to the Texas state line with thousands of families homeless and some with no jobs. The main industry in coastal Louisiana is fishing, crawfish farming, crop farming, and cattle farming. Farmers has loss their crops, crawfish farmers will have no crawfish this year, shrimping is going to be bad due to many have loss their boats and can not replace them. Cattle farmers lost much of their cattle and the ones they were able to save they are having problems to get feed and water to them. Hay has all been damaged by the salt water and is very scarce around here. Families have loss their homes and all they own.

With all of this comes another problem. With Katrina washing out the New Orleans area we had many evacuees living here in shelters and motels/hotels leaving no place for our people to go after Rita came our way. Families are now living with friends and family members as best they can.

Cajuns are proud and loving people who believe in helping one another and that’s a blessing for us here in Louisiana. We as Cajuns don't wait or expect that the government will come in and take care of us, we believe we have to find a way and if and when the government gets to us we will be happy. This makes me so proud of being Cajun and from Louisiana.

Our school children are also suffering but with a smile. They are now being bussed to schools in higher areas, and alternating days so all are able to get through this school year. This means they have to go 3 ten hour days one week and four ten hour days the next, with school being held on Saturdays also.

I have received e-mails and had phone calls from those asking for assistance to find a place for a sick relatives to stay. One family had a loved one going through Chemotherapy and is need of place to live. Rental homes or apartments are all filled.

Just 2 weeks ago I had the honor to be able to have come to live with my family my best friend and her family who all loss their homes and all they own. She had been diagnosed with Ards Disease a few years ago and fought one heck of a fight but her disease had now progressed to last stage and Doctors could do no more for her. She was in need of a place to live until her death . I brought them home and her concern was what was her family going to do for Christmas . I explained to her of the big event of Cajun Christmas Festival and how hard everyone was working for us. Her face lit up like a Christmas tree and she said " These people that never have visited Louisiana before won't be able to see how beautiful our homes are and neither our little Cajun towns but they will see people with love and gratefulness as they have never seen before". Unfortunately her stay with me was a short one, she died October 19th but her wish to die with her family at home was granted.

With so many people going through rough times now, having this Cajun Christmas gives everyone something to look forward to with happiness.

If you plan to be a part of this event in Louisiana and you have never visited here before, be prepared for lots of hugs, Thank You's , and a big delicious bowl of a real Cajun Gumbo served with a side dish of Cajun Potato Salad , and lots of love .

Once more I thank EVERYONE participating in this very special event and especially Mark Bertrand and Aaron Gryder for getting this event started. To all of you from all of us in Cajun Country " We love you and God Bless you all "

Lets all join in and keep our friends in Florida in our hearts and prayers that they will be safe after Wilma's visit.

God Bless ,
Glenda ( Mom Macie) Sellers