Operation: A Cajun Christmas

News letter updates

Operation: A Cajun Christmas is picking up steam, please checkout the web-site as it grows every day.

The date and location are set for the final stop of our convoy of compassion.
Celebrated each year in Vermilion Parish city of Abbeville Louisiana is a huge Christmas festival and parade this year this Christmas festival has a new name, ‘The Cajun Christmas festival’. On this day, Dec 16th and festival the convoy of compassion will roll in to this Parish to the cheers, hopes and needs of so many people who have suffered so much.

Try to imagine the powerful image of the trucks that you helped fill pulling into the middle of this festival now named after the project YOU made a reality.

We must do all we can to keep our project growing so to help as many as we can in the widest area.

Our people on the ground there lead by Glenda “mom Macie’ Sellers, Francis J. Plaisance, President,
Louisiana Cattle Festival Association and Reba Brouss & Cheryl Landry from Vermilion Catholic High School just to name a few are hard at work and doing great things.

Checkout the web-site and the new Sponsors & Supporters and community organizers page.

A new sponsor and community organizer Joe Altieri and his band The braided souls from Amsterdam NY had the great idea of playing a concert to collect gifts. The concert is being called "Its a Fill the Trailer Concert for a Cajun Christmas".. This is a GREAT idea for any community.
More news will follow on this event, date and location. Anyone wishing to contact Joe Altieri he can be reached by e-mail at joe@onlinecommunitycorp.com

Co-Founder Jockey Aaron Gryder is hard at work, just this week bringing into our family 2 great foundations Teddy Atlas’ Dr. Theodore A. Atlas Foundation, Inc. and John Theissen Children's Foundation with more on the way. Please take the time to check out their sites which can be found on our site.

We are getting closer to landing the big celebrity sponsor we need. PLEASE take the time to e-mail, call or write the following shows and people to ask for their help and support.

Oprah e-mail page
Dr Phil
Ellen Show
Martha Stewart
http://www.emerils.com/ for Emeril go to the contact page

Today@NBC.com for the Today show
jtesh@teshmedia.com for John Tesh and a # for him is 1-877-801-4995

info@wilkinsmanagement.com for Harry Connick Jr.

example e-mail
Dear Oprah Please help sponsor Operation: A Cajun Christmas http://www.cajunchristmas.org and help thousands in the areas hit by the hurricanes to have a happy holiday. What a wonderful and powerful holiday Oprah show it would be from the locations where the trucks roll into bring a Cajun Christmas to thousands during the Vermilion Parish Christmas festival and parade ‘The Cajun Christmas festival’ .

Thank you __________

Think of the powerful site of on Dec 16th at the 'A Cajun Christmas festival' and parade' when truck after truck rolls into this parish from all over the country. This would make a great show for Oprah or any show.

Please keep seeking out new members, new companies, schools, clubs, companies, press, markets and local sports teams for a gift drop day, anything or anyone you can think of may be a key to helping so many have a happy, Cajun Christmas.

More great news to come, all because of your efforts.

Mark, Aaron and our Cajun Mom Glenda "mom Macie" Sellers.


"If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should find in each man's life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility." ---- [Henry Wadsworth Longfellow]

Santa graphics courtesy of: The Santa Lady http://www.santalady.com