Operation: A Cajun Christmas

News letter updates

We are making good gains everyday, BUT really need to push on harder and harder. The closer we get to November and December the more people will be inspired to donate.

Delivery date.
Mom Macie Sellers and our friends and community leaders in Vermilion Parish Abbeville, Louisiana are concerned with the logistics of distributing gifts to the 6 thousand plus families displaced there. We have decided that we must set a date for items to be there, our actual delivery date of one week before the December 16th "A Cajun Christmas Festival" date.

This will allow for them to inventory and organize items and set up how they will distribute gifts to the families on Dec 17 and 18th.

Mom Macie and all our friends in Vermilion Parish want as many of us that have been involved to be at the "A Cajun Christmas Festival" on the 16th and have asked that we be in their parade to thank you for all your compassion and hard work. While it would have been most easy for all of us to be there on the 16th date if we could maintain that as our delivery date but it just is not logistically possible for them to distribute that way.

I hope everyone can find a way to be back on the 16th for the "A Cajun Christmas Festival", perhaps if needed your truck, shipments could be shipped down on the week before and you can arrive the week later for the festival and take your place in the parade and all the great Cajun food and hospitality.

I will talk with our friends in Mom Macie and all our friends in Vermilion Parish later today for a new set date a week before the 16 and let know in an update.

But please know anything can be sent in to our collection and staging site at any time.

Vermilion Catholic High School
425 Park Avenue
Abbeville, LA. 70510

C/O Cheryl Landry & Reba Broussard Operation:A Cajun Christmas

Accommodations for "A Cajun Christmas Festival" the 16th.

On that note anyone needing accommodations please contact Glenda "Mom Macie" Sellers to set this up.
Our friends really wish us to be there to celebrate their "A Cajun Christmas Festival", as is understandable accommodations will take some planning so contact Mom soon.

mommacie@cajunchristmas.org Phone: 337-522-2333

Toy/gift drops.
As the calendar changes from October to November so shifts everyone's thoughts to the holidays. Now is the time to really kick into gear. That includes seek out clubs, business, sports teams, organizations, your Friday night book club or poker game to have Toy/Gift drops at their events or locations etc.

As example a toy drop at a sporting event or performance or at a mall could generate hundreds of gifts and the joy it brings, multiply this over hundreds of locations we give to many suffering a bright and happy holiday and memories lasting a life time.

PLEASE e-mail me if you need a template for fliers or signs for drop boxes.

Tee-shirt sponsor
Chasstan Prichard who set up and runs the great sites http://www.ritat-shirts.com/ and http://www.katrinat-shirts.com/ is going great. Through his kindness Operation: A Cajun Christmas will be able to make many children smile this Christmas.

For each shirt sold at a price of $10.00 Operation: A Cajun Christmas will receive $5.00 worth of gifts from Chasstan.

Kelly, Azurah and I bought shirts and they look great and are of great quality. I used one shirt to gave to my local woman's book club who are doing a toy/gift drop at their meeting tonight.

The shirts can be used for just that, as a raffle or to thank you to someone for a huge gift.

Ideas for getting the most bang for your buck or for donated money.
I wrote in the last update of using ebay and am happy to say I was able to purchase with only around $200 the following.

20 new stuffed animals
20 Kids toy cell phones
over 50 new Hot wheels
2 cases of children's puzzles
175 new Children's books
Another great idea is if you have personal money or funds from friends go to a KB Toys or Toys R Us, tell them of our project and ask them to look at our site and think how they can best help you spend what funds you have. Of course sad eyes and a few well placed subtle hints about them kicking in some free stuff may go a long way.

A great fund raising Idea.
A Great friend and client Steve Hart the high school wrestling team he works with are working on a plan to have a road race fund raiser involving other wrestling teams from our section. I will keep you updated as it gets closer.

Remember if you need send or have a company or friends that wish to send gifts send them to:

Vermilion Catholic High School
425 Park Avenue
Abbeville, LA. 70510

C/O Cheryl Landry & Reba Broussard Operation:A Cajun Christmas

Thank you again and keep pushing, or I will keep bugging you and no like that :-)

More great news to come, all because of your efforts.

Mark, Aaron and our Cajun Mom Glenda "mom Macie" Sellers.


"If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should find in each man's life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility." ---- [Henry Wadsworth Longfellow]

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