Operation: A Cajun Christmas

News letter updates Nov. 24

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Thanks for giving your compassion, your time and gifts to our friends Vermilion Parish Abbeville, Louisiana. Please know what you have done and will do over this last big push will mean so much to so many. A gift is so much more then just an item, it is proof that one matters, proof that someone cares for them even if they never meet them. No gift is too small or insignificant, they are hope they are comfort, no act of compassion is insignificant.

The Buddha said “Do not overlook tiny good actions, thinking they are of no benefit even tiny drops of water in the end will fill a huge vessel.”

The gifts you give are a great seed of compassion that you are planting in a brother or sister you may have never meet, yet still a brother or sister.

>From a single tiny seed comes a great plant with many flowers that produce thousands of seeds.

As a small child and well into my twenties living with as many do great depression I dreamed of being a/ the real Santa and having the power to if just for one single day ease the suffering of all beings.

We are all together Santa this year for Vermilion Parish, Louisiana we are doing great and while I worry we can not get to everyone who needs us we are for ever changing the people of Vermilion Parish. They know we care for them, your actions of compassion will and have changed lives. Because of all of you Vermilion Parish Abbeville, Louisiana will each year now come together each December and celebrate their new “ A Cajun Christmas festival” . They will talk always about the people who came to help them when they needed it, about the people who cared and their compassion.

Each year this new foundation will seek out a community to help, each year you will change lives and so, the whole world, you all are now a real Santa…

Our big drive is on now, we are in the deep stretch run, we can see the wire. Lets bring this bad boy home in a huge way.

For my friends here near Saratoga I need all items by the Dec 4th.

Thank you again.
Happy Thanksgiving


"If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should find in each man's life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility." ---- [Henry Wadsworth Longfellow]

Santa graphics courtesy of: The Santa Lady http://www.santalady.com