Operation: A Cajun Christmas

News letter updates Nov. 2nd

Great things are happening, Operation: A Cajun Christmas is catching a blaze soon our glow will only be outshone buy the glow on the faces of our friends/family in Vermilion Parish Abbeville, Louisiana.

We are making good gains everyday, BUT really need to push on harder and harder. The closer we get to November and December the more people will be inspired to donate.

New Friends, community organizers and corporate / business sponsors.

Many new members have joined including many corporate / business sponsors please check out our great website (thanks to Kilakwa Associates, LLC ) to see and meet all our new members.

In a few days I will be making an announcement about several new corporate / business sponsors as details are just now being worked out. Just today for our friends here in Saratoga Springs NY Roohan Realty came on board.

Please visit all the sites of our friends and supporters and remember to stop by The Romantic Home where $5.00 from every purchase of "Whisper Wings Throw" goes to Cajun Christmas and also Katrina T-Shirts & Rita T-Shirts where proceeds from sales go to Cajun Christmas.

Also take time to visit Nashville Wraps a great gift packaging company from Nashville Ten they are donating wrapping paper for our friends in La.


We are starting to get more and more schools and classes taking on our operation as a school project.

This is such a great thing for everyone involved both our friends in Vermilion Parish and for the young students learning to give, to share to express their compassion in giving to others. this project unlike many involving coin or cash drops offers the knowledge that on Christmas day a child will be opening and playing with a gift that student gave them.

We will be taking many pictures at the "Cajun Christmas Festival" on the 16th for a child to see who they will help and perhaps their gift there is a powerful teaching tool.

PLEASE get to your schools and clubs and ask they join in and get on board the OCC convoy of compassion.

Offer to the schools or clubs that you will bring the truck by and the children can help load it up.

Other great classes are aerobic and strength training classes where each member brings a gift or gifts just as Sue Johnson of Saratoga Springs is doing with her class. karate schools, dance schools the list goes on.

It takes only one gift from many and everyone in Vermilion Parish Abbeville, Louisiana can have a great and happy Christmas, we together can make their "Cajun Christmas Festival" one that will never be forgotten.

Other great gift raising ideas

Shenendehowa high school wrestling team is putting together a Turkey Trot road race including other local wrestling teams to raise funds to be spent on gifts for Operation: A Cajun Christmas. A GREAT idea for any team and sport. If you like more information about this contact Steve Hart HartStev@SHENET.ORG

Kara Hornada from North Carolina is having a Christmas party at her house the first weekend of December. She wanted to do something more though, so I came up with the idea of asking her friends to help "adopt" a family effected by Hurricane Katrina for Christmas.

Mom Macie Sellers and Francis J. Plaisance, President, Louisiana Cattle Festival Association locating families in parts of the bayou who would have no way to get to town for the Christmas festival. Families holding on to what is left of their homes and living in pure poverty.

This idea is growing with several people now inquiring about this, if you would like to do this either as a family or group of friends please contact me, Mom Macie or Aaron.

A group of Family and friends from NYC and CT are getting together and purchasing basketballs, footballs and soccer balls which is a great idea, lets not forget the older kids and teens.

On that note. Anyone with any ties or contacts with companies like Mary Kay for example seek to have them donate skin care and beauty products for the teen girls, mothers and our sweet older woman living in the nursing homes.

Drop Boxes and gift drives.

We are picking up locations now on this great gift raising plan. Get out there seek to have stores, your place of business, clubs, restaurants, sports events like high school football, basketball games, special events, gyms, beauty shops, banks, markets or just about any where there will be people.

Press: TV, News papers and radio.

This past week a great Operation: A Cajun Christmas member and one of the best and most special teachers ever did a news paper interview which lead to a radio show interview and MANY calls, new members and drop box locations.

Get out there and get your face and our project on TV and in the paper it is really worth it.

Our Discussion Board

Sharon and Bruce the great people who do our web site have told me the discussion board / forum will be up and running tomorrow... Jump on and introduce yourself and start share news and ideas.

Please remember any gifts can be sent to one of our collection sites, our main site and staging area is

Vermilion Catholic High School
425 Park Avenue
Abbeville, LA. 70510

C/O Cheryl Landry & Reba Broussard Operation:A Cajun Christmas

Accommodations for "A Cajun Christmas Festival" the 16th.

On that note anyone needing accommodations please contact Glenda "Mom Macie" Sellers to set this up.
Our friends really wish us to be there to celebrate their "A Cajun Christmas Festival", as is understandable accommodations will take some planning so contact Mom soon.

mommacie@cajunchristmas.org Phone: 337-522-2333

Thank you again and keep pushing, or I will keep bugging you and no wants that :-)

More great news to come, all because of your efforts, together we are making a memory that will be talked about for generations.

Mark, Aaron and our Cajun Mom Glenda "mom Macie" Sellers

"If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should find in each man's life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility." ---- [Henry Wadsworth Longfellow]

Santa graphics courtesy of: The Santa Lady http://www.santalady.com