Operation: A Cajun Christmas became the perfect school and org/club program. When a child puts some change or a dollar in a bucket they really can not know how someone will directly benefit from their kindness. With this project a school or group could collect toys, books, and gifts for children, teens and families in their school and community. Then on Christmas day that child can know someone, a child or elderly person and/or family is opening what they gave them, eating the food they gave them.

Thank you to all the schools who helped make Operation: A Cajun Christmas a success! View List.

Thank you to all the children who made cards for our friends in Louisiana

Operation: A Cajun Christmas is the first project of The Giving Circle, Inc, an ever-expanding community of people acting together to help make the world a better place. Please visit The Giving Circle, Inc to learn what your school can do to help with the current project.