On Aug 29, 2005 my family's life changed forever. We stayed for Hurricane Katrina in our small town of Waveland, MS. It was the worst day of my life. First we did what we do during every hurricane and had a hurricane party but then the tornados,wind,and water came we were scared! We are lucky to be alive today. My town is now a TENT CITY. There were only 35 homes that were habitable after the storm. My husband lost his job as well as me and my business and our kids lost a piece of their childhood.

We relocated to TN in hopes to stay so we didn't have to go through this again. We signed a 6 month lease and put down a large deposit in the understanding that fema was paying the rent. We were finally settling down once again what could go wrong??? 6 days before Christmas only 2 weeks after they took over my rent we were told they changed their mind and we would have to find other means to pay the rent or move yet again. Now we HAVE to move back to Ms. We just simply can't afford rent and a house note on a house we don't have.

We, like many others had no flood insurance because we were in a NO flood zone. I cant say I am happy about going back but I do miss my family and friends. I have not seen most since the hurricane. I know God wouldn't give me anything I cant handle I just wish He wouldn't trust me so much!!

This Christmas was very special minus the bad new about the rent. Operation: A Cajun Christmas changed our lives. Our kids had a wonderful Christmas. Santa came after all. And my husband and I now have hope. We now know how much others in the world care and love and support us all. We will return and rebuild but most important we will REMEMBER!! Remember all the wonderful people that has helped us in our time of need. Thanks so much Operation: A Cajun Christmas. You have changed our lives. You will forever be in our hearts and our memories. I will stay in touch to find out what I can do to help others like me!!